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Duration of AMIE ?

The duration of AMIE is flexible. The maximum period available for comleting the course is 12 years. This means, a student registered for AMIE course needs to clear all subjects in 12 years period.

Though not mentioned specifically, there is a restriction in minimum period.

A Diploma passed candidate cannot clear AMIE within two years time.

In the same way, a plus two candidate cannot clear AMIE within 3 years time.

Those who wish an admission in AMIE must have any one of the following qualifications.

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I am a Diploma Holder

A Diploma holder needs to clear 13 subjects in AMIE. 4 subjects in Section A and 9 in Section B. In one semester a student can appear for 4 subjects. So he can complete both sectins A and B in 4 semesters (4+4+4+1)

I am a Plus Two holder

A plus two holder needs to clear 19 subjects in AMIE. 10 subjects in Section A and 9 in Section B. In one semester a student can appear for 4 subjects. So he can complete both sectins A and B in 6 semesters (4+4+2+4+4+1)

How many subjects at a time?

A student can appear for maximum 4 subjects in one exam time (semester). He may appear for any 4 subjects to his choice. But he cannot appear for a Section B subjects before completely passing Section A.

NIOS, New Delhi

Senior Secondary School Certificate of National Institute of Open Schooling New Delhi is considered equivalent to Plus two.Holders of such certificate can get admission in AMIE in the Non-Diploma stream


Diplomas awarded by Karnataka State Open University is not a sufficient qualification for AMIE admission.

I did Diploma of IME

Diploma and degree awarded by IME (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) Mumbai is not considered as a sufficient qualification for AMIE admission. If the student has done Plus two (PCM) he can apply for admission in non-diploma stream.

Rajasthan Vidyapeed

See recognition details of RVDU.

I Passed ITI/ITC

ITI or ITC passed candidates cannot do AMIE. But if they have plus two (PCM) with 45% marks can apply.

AME (Aircraft Maintanence Engg)

The AME holders are eligible for AMIE.


Diploma Holders if IETE Delhi are eligible for doing AMIE. They can get admission in Diploma stream.


CIPETians can apply for AMIE admission in Diploma stream


Diploma in Computer Engg, Electronics, Mechatronics Engg, Tool and Die Making are recognised..


Diploma in Civil Engg, Electrical Engg, Mechanical Engg and Advanced Diploma in construction Management are recognised..

Foreign Degrees

Holders of foreign degrees/Diploma may also apply for admission to approriate class of memebrship. Their case will be conisdered on individual merit after ascertaining the standard of the qualifications from the national society of engineers of the countrie concerned.