AMIE Membership

Applying for membership is the first step in joining AMIE. The membership is a term which is to be taken in the same sense as that of admission. Membership is mandatory for joining AMIE. The AMIE examinations are conducted in every June and December. In order to appear for examination, one should have 'membership' or enrollment with IEI. Once you got membership you are eligible for applying for AMIE examination.

Only enrolled members are eligible for appearing examination.

Who can get Membership

Based on basic qualification, there are different classes of memberships.

(1). Senior Technician
Three years' Engineering Diploma holders, with minimum 18 years age are eligible for applying Senior Technician (ST) Membership. The application form and prospectus for AMIE membership can be freely downloaded from this site.

(2). Technician
Plus Two holders (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) with minimum 17 years age are eligible for applying for Technician Membership. The application form is downloadable from this site.

(3). Associate Member
B.Tech/B.E holders (and those passed Section B of AMIE) with minimum 21 years age are eligible to become Associate members. Detailed procedure for becoming associate member is given here.

Membership Application

To get membership, the student must submit application in the prescribed format.
Along with the application form, the applicant must enclose attested copies of certificates to prove his age and qualification.
You can download membership form and all necessary information from Admission Details.


For students joining for postal course, we offer all assistance for membership form processing, supporter verification etc.

Identity Card

A laminated ID card will be issued to all members after succeful registration with IEI. The ID card is sent to the registered address normally after one month of their election. The ID card is to be produced at the time of examination.

ID Card not received?

In case you failed to collect the ID card from your postman , you can submit a special request to IEI and the card will resent to you.

Card Lost?

If you lost your ID card, you can apply for a duplicate card. Its fee is Rs 150/-.Application can be submitted online.


The validity of registration is for 6 years. Those whose membership validity is expired can apply for re-registration. Application form for re-registration can be downloaded from Re-registration form.