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AMIE Section B

Section B is the second part of AMIE examination. Those who successfully cleared all subjects in Section A can apply for Section B registration. They can submit the application for section B registration immediately after their Section A result published.

In section B, a student studies his chosen subject in detail. Hence he can select his choice branch of engineering . A list of available engineering branches given below.

1.Chemical Engineering.
2. Civil Engineering.
3. Computer Science and Engineering.
4. Electrical Engineering.
5. Electronics and Communication Engineering.
6. Mechanical Engineering.
7. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.
8. Mining Engineering.
9. Production Engineering.
10. Textile Engineering.

Who can register for Section B ?

All those who passed Section A examination (ST or T members) and those who have corporate membership (AM/M/Fellow) can apply for Section B registration.

Fees For Section B ?

Rs 4800/- for ST/T (or Section A passed) students, to be paid online (NEFT).

When to apply?

ST/T candidates can apply for Section B registration immediately after clearing all subjects in Section A.

Duration and Validity

The Section B registration is valid for 6 years. For a Section A passed candidate the 6 year term is counted from the year/season he passed Section A.(Not from the time he apply for Section B registration.)

The Procedure

When you pass Section A you are eligible to enter Section B level. A student should choose a branch of study from the above list.

In each branch there will be nine subjects to study. Of this, 6 are compulsory and 3 are optional (electives). The optional subjects may be selected by the student himself. (The list of subjects/optionals/syllabus are downloadable).

Once the engineering branch and optional subjects selected , its time for submitting application for Section B registration.

The procedure to apply for Section B registration is as given below.

1. Download and print out Section B Registration Form
2. Select your engineering branch of study.(You may select ANY branch from the above list)
3. Select any one optional group of subjects.
4. Select any three subjects of interests from that group.(Don't worry you can change optional subjects later if you want).
5. Note down the codes of these subjects.
6. Now fill up Section B registration form.
7. Fill out Certificate of Engagement Form.
8. Paste your photograph.
8. Get your photo and signature attested by a Certifying Engineer, if available (AMIE/MIE/FIE holder).
9. Pay Rs 4800/- to "The Institution of Engineers (India)" , through online (NEFT).
10. Send application and Net banking details to Head Quarters, Kolkata.

Certificate of Engagement

It is a mandatory certificate to be included along with Section B registration form. A candidate is expected to be engaged in engineering profession with a registered engineering establishment. Hence the signature of the graduate engineer under whom you work is prerequisite in the application form.

Section B Study

After submitting registration form, student can start his studies. It is to be noted that the student has to find his own ways to prepare well for the examination.

We at Jyothis Academy offers result oriented coaching for Section B subjects at our Kottayam and Kochi centers. Our dedicated faculty will help you study well for examination .For outstation students we arrange Postal Coaching also.

How to apply for Sec B exam ?

If you have a submitted Section B registration (ST/T/Associate etc,) you are eligible to apply for Section B examinations. Application form for examination can be submitted online or offline.

About Section 'B' Examinations

I passed Section A. What to do next?

The candidates who cleared all subjects in Section A are eligible for Section B registration. The registration form for Section B can be freely downloaded from Section B Registration. The intimation regarding this is normally sent from IEI to all such successful candidates by post. A student who passed Section A freshly, can submit Section B registration form and Section B Exam Form together.

Lab and Project work

A student who cleared any 5 subjects in Section B can do project work and laboratory experiments.

The project work is to be carried out under the guidance of Project Guide allotted by IEI. You can get complete Instruction on Project and Lab here.In project work, a student do not have to fabricate any "projects" as in conventional way.

List of candidates registered for May / June and November / December sessions for project work and / or laboratory experiments shall be available on website in last week of May and November, respectively. The list will indicate the name and address of the project guide and / or name of the college / institute for laboratory experiments. In addition, all such candidates shall be informed by ordinary post with due information to their project guide and / or the college.

Click here to see the List of Colleges / Institutes for Laboratory Experiments

The code number of project work is 901 and of laboratory experiments 902. These code numbers are being used for related correspondence and centre-wise provisional results.


Quote telephone / mobile number / e-mail ID in all communication with IEI headquarters, to maintain better interaction between members and the headquarters.

No acknowledgement is sent regarding receipt of examination form / registration for Section B / examination re-registration / application for project work / laboratory experiments. However, membership numbers of all eligible applicants for registration of Section B are made available on website a week prior to Summer / Winter examination. For candidates applied for registration of Section B / examination re-registration, separate identity card shall be issued.

For any examination-related enquiry, students are advised to send the mail only at Please do not send exam-related enquiry to any other e-mail ID.Efforts are made to reply queries as fast as possible. However, in certain cases, it takes time for verification.