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AMIE Solved paper

We have always been in the best for providing with the right services to the vast AMIE student community spread everywhere !. With the sincere intention to help pass all students in the very first attempt we have formulated a special sure-pss course materials.

The AMIE Solved paper is a collection of all previous AMIE questions with answers. Allow us humbly bet you nowhere else you can find such a really useful AMIE material!

How will this help you?

Studies reveal that why many students fail in AMIE examination is due to that lack of right guidance and coaching materials. Compared to regular engineering students in professional colleges, AMIE students do not get access to good professors, laboratory facilities, regular attendances etc. All these factors may affect AMIE result. In order to tackle this, good guidance and reference cum study materials are necessary. This is to be emphasized that studying the materials provided by the Institution of Engineers is not at all sufficient for passing AMIE exam. This is the exact reason why we prepared coaching materials for AMIE students.

What is special with this?

The Institution of Engineers (India) also provides study materials for students. However it has caused a lot of misconceptions too. Students prepring for AMIE blindly beleive that the books prepared and issued by the IEI is all-sufficient for scoring pass mark in the examination. The truth is - the IEI books can be useful only to get an outline of the syllabus. This is not worthy to be used as a text book.

Please note that the Question Bank prepared by Jyothis Academy is unique and is not available in book-shops.

Main features

AMIE Questions from 2005 to Winter 2020.-
Contains descriptive answers to all questions Postage Free Anywhere in India

   This material is meant exclusively for AMIE students.    A student who uses this material doesn't need to use any other textbooks.    Contains answers of all previous AMIE Questions.    Comprehensive, which means it covers entire syllabus, even the minutest topic not ignored.    The language used is very simple; each topic is presented in self-learning style.


At present the Question-Answer set of 4 common subjects of Section A (listed below) is available. However you can expect the Question bank for other subjects also immediately.

1. Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing,-
2. Material Science and Engineering,
3. Computing and Informatics,
4. Society and Environment

Price of Solved Question Bank (of 4 Common subjects of Sectin A)

The price is RS 400/- for each subject.-
For any two Subjects Rs 800/-
For any three Subjects Rs 1200/-
For all the 4 subjects mentioned above Rs 1600/-
Postage Free Anywhere in India

How to get

The Question Bank can be obtained directly from Jyothis Academy office or through Speed Post/Courier. Those who wish to get the items through Post/Courier may, please pay its price in advance by Googlepay/Netbanking and forward your address for dispatch of items by filling online form (given in the site).
The Study Materials parcel is sent through Speed Post/Courier and the tracking number shall be intimated to you. All parcels anywhere in India shall be delivered within 7 working days.

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